A World Class Streaming and Royalty Company


With just 24 employees across four offices in three countries, Royal Gold’s corporate footprint is modest. We nonetheless acknowledge international concerns related to climate change, sustainability, and the protection of our global environment, particularly as those concerns may be influenced by the mining industry. We are committed to preserving and protecting the environment, promoting the health and safety of our employees, and respecting local cultures and values in the communities where we invest.

We believe responsible mineral development can benefit local communities and create sustainable value for all stakeholders. As a member of the World Gold Council, we endorse the ICMM 10 Principles for sustainable development in the mining and metals industry. While our assets are only passive investments in mining operations, Royal Gold seeks investment opportunities with responsible operators, and we regard environmental stewardship and commitment to sustainability as key aspects of well-managed mining projects. Accordingly, our review of any investment includes consideration of the operator’s commitment to these fundamentals.

After we make a stream or royalty investment, we monitor the continuing effectiveness of the operators’ environmental and social practices. Many of our operators implement the ICMM 10 Principles or subscribe to other international charters respecting environmental and social issues and actively contribute in ways that positively impact the communities where they mine. We encourage their efforts and often make our own financial contributions in support of their programs.

At our Peak Gold Project in Alaska, we work with our joint venture partner to support the local Tetlin native community by funding social, environmental, and other initiatives through a Community Support Agreement; administering secondary and post-secondary educational programs; and providing other development opportunities to Tetlin village residents.

Safety, environmental stewardship, and sustainability are also key elements of Royal Gold’s corporate culture. Our company policies promote a safe and healthy workplace and require strict adherence to legal and ethical standards in our business practices. This culture carries beyond our offices as a number of our current and former directors, officers, and employees are active in or otherwise support educational institutions and non-profit organizations, which further such causes as promotion of community health, elimination of food insecurity, and protection of at-risk children.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“the Code”), applies to all our directors, officers and employees. The Code is designed to deter wrongdoing and promote:

  • honest and ethical conduct;
  • full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure;
  • compliance with laws, rules and regulations;
  • prompt internal reporting of Code violations; and
  • accountability for adherence to the Code.

Crisis Management Plan

Our Crisis Management Plan applies to all directors, officers and employees. The plan establishes a framework for reporting crisis events to the executive officers, forming a crisis management team, and providing effective and transparent stakeholder communications through the duration of a crisis.

Diversity Policy

We value the benefits that a talented and diverse Board and workforce can bring to Royal Gold and its employees and stakeholders. We are committed to creating and maintaining a diverse workplace, and in keeping with this commitment, we adopted our Diversity Policy.

Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance Policy

With just 24 employees across four offices in three countries, our corporate footprint is modest. We nonetheless acknowledge international concerns related to social responsibility, climate change, sustainability, and the protection of the global environment, particularly as those concerns may be influenced by the mining industry. We address these environmental, social, and governance risks through the due diligence process that guides our investment decisions, the contractual commitments we seek from our operators, and ongoing monitoring of our investments. These endeavors are supported by our Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance Policy.

We use discretion in determining the level of due diligence that is appropriate for each investment, and we tailor the contractual commitments and monitoring of them to individual operators and projects depending on location, context and other factors. We believe that the proper consideration of environmental, social and governance factors prior to making an investment, and monitoring our operators’ performance on these factors during the life of the project, will create long-term value for our stakeholders.

Anti-Hedging, Anti-Pledging and Short Sale Policies

To ensure alignment between the interest of our personnel and stockholders, the Royal Gold Insider Trading Policy precludes directors, officers, and key employees from hedging their investments in the Royal Gold’s common stock.

The Insider Trading Policy is reviewed annually by the CNG Committee and the Board and is updated when appropriate. Royal Gold provides periodic training concerning compliance with insider trading laws and the Insider Trading Policy.

Health and Safety

As our principal activity is the acquisition and management of metal stream and royalty interests, our exposure to health and safety risks is limited. Our employees are exposed only to the typical risks associated with working in an urban office environment. Nevertheless, safety is a key pillar of our culture. We hold quarterly company‐wide meetings at which we discuss health and safety matters relevant to home, office, and travel, and we require our employees to take part in regular emergency preparedness drills.

Stock Ownership Guidelines

Our Stock Ownership Guidelines apply to directors and executive officers, and reinforce the alignment of Board, management and stockholder interests by focusing on creating and improving long-term stockholder value.

Whistleblower Policy

Royal Gold’s Whistleblower Policy and related reporting hotline enables stakeholders to report concerns regarding Royal Gold, including actual or suspected fraud or improper activities in respect to our accounting, internal controls or auditing matters, violations of law, and any other violations of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.