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Investor Factsheet


Burkina Faso Flag

Operator: Balaji Group

Location: Burkina Faso, West Africa


2.5% GSR (gold)

Term of Royalty: Life of Mine

Inata is an open-pit gold mine, owned by Société des Mines de Bélahouro SA, which is owned 90% by the Balaji Group and 10% by the Burkinabe Government. Inata is located in northern Burkina Faso, approximately 220 kilometers north-northeast of Ouagadougou.

At Inata, mineralization occurs within a well-defined shear zone marking the boundary between the granitic and volcanic rocks of the Damba-Inata Domain in the west and the Sona Sedimentary Basin in the east. Gold mineralization occurs within a sub-vertical shear zone that cuts along folded carbonaceous shales that are sandwiched between sedimentary and volcanic rocks. Quartz-feldspar porphyry dykes intrude along the shear zone and are contemporaneous with the later stages of gold mineralization. Gold mineralization is always linked to quartz veins (boudinaged, folded or brecciated quartz veins) or disseminated in haematitic alteration haloes around quartz-carbonate-albite veins.

The Inata gold deposit is deeply weathered with the base of complete oxidation extending down to depths of 60 meters. A transitional zone of moderate oxidation extends to a depth of more than 150 meters.

The Inata mine has six open-pits. Mining is undertaken at Inata by conventional open-pit methods. The Inata mine was commissioned in 2009 and first gold poured in December 2009. The current mine license extends to 2027.

Royal Gold holds a 2.5% gross smelter return (GSR) royalty on gold produced from the Inata mine.

Royal Gold acquired its royalty interest effective February 22, 2010, with acquisition of International Royalty Corporation, which included the 2.5% GSR royalty on Inata.

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