A World Class Streaming and Royalty Company

Relief Canyon

Nevada, United States

Royalty Rate and type: 2.0% NSR (gold and silver)
Operator: Americas Gold and Silver Corporation

The Relief Canyon Property is located at the southwestern flank of the Humboldt Range about 16 miles east-northeast of Lovelock in Pershing County, Nevada, and about 100 miles northeast of Reno.

  • Relief Canyon Relief Canyon
Reserves (May 24, 2018):1,2
  • 631.3K oz. gold
  • 1.597M oz. silver
Estimated production start-up:
  • Not available


  1.  Reserves represent Royal Gold's interest based on our royalty ground covering approximately 69% of the resource footprint by area.
  2. Gold reserves were calculated by the operator at a price of $1,250 per ounce. Silver reserve price was not provided by the operator.