A World Class Streaming and Royalty Company


Nevada, United States

Royalty rate and type: (gold)
Operator:  Waterton Precious Metals Fund

The Pinson mine, formerly operated as a surface mining facility, is now being developed for underground production in addition to expansion of the surface operation. It is located in northern Nevada, approximately 27 miles northeast of Winnemucca.

  • Pinson Mine Tour Jan 2012Pinson Mine
Section 29:
  • 3.0% NSR - Cordilleran 1, 2
  • 2.94% NSR - Rayrock 1, 3
Reserves (December 31, 2014): 4
  • 0.483M oz. gold


  1. Royalty only applies to Section 29 which currently holds about 95% of the reserves reported for the property.
  2. An additional Cordilleran royalty applies to a portion of Section 28.
  3. Additional Rayrock royalties apply to Sections 28, 32 and 33; these royalty rates vary depending on pre‑existing royalties. The Rayrock royalties have a 200,000 ounce threshold that must be met in the pre‑existing open pits before they become payable. As of June 30, 2017, approximately 103,000 ounces have been produced from existing pits.
  4. At a gold price of $1,300 per ounce.