A World Class Streaming and Royalty Company
EXPLORATION (listed alphabetically by country) As of March 31, 2020
Property Location Ownership Royalty Rate
Mina Cancha Argentina Yamana Gold 2.50% NSR
Abbotts Australia Zeus Mining            1.5% NSR
Buttercup Bore Australia Panoramic Gold 2.0% GV
Cheritons FindAustraliaHanking Gold1.5% NSR
Chesterfield Australia Tanzi Pty Ltd        1.5% NSR
Croesus Australia Zijin Mining Group            A$1.25/tonne 1
Edna MayAustraliaRamelius Resources0.5% GSR
ForrestaniaAustraliaWestern Areas1.5% NSR 2
Lake Ballard Australia Ora Banda Mining        0.60% NSR
Lounge Lizard Australia Western Areas 1.5% NSR 2
Melba Flats Australia Dundas Mining 2.0% NSR
Merlin Orbit Australia Merlin Diamonds
1.0% GV
Mt. Goode Bellevue Australia Golden Spur Resources            2.0% NSR 3
1.5% NSR 3
Mt Newman-Victory Australia St Barbara 1.5% NSR
Northwell ChilkootAustraliaSaracen2.5% to 4.0% GV
Phillips FindAustraliaBarra ResourcesA$10.00/oz 4
Red Hill West Australia API Management            2.5% NSR 5
Southern Cross Nickel Australia Western Areas 1.5% NSR 6
Stakewell Australia Diversified Asset Holdings            1.5% NSR
Wallbrook Gold ProjectAustraliaNexus Minerals1.5% NSR
West WyalongAustraliaArgent Minerals/HQ Mining2.5% NSR
Afridi Lake Canada Shear Diamonds 1.5% GV
Ashmore Canada Quaternary Mining & Exploration       1.5% NSR
Aviat One Canada Stornoway Diamond 1.0% GV
Black LakeCanadaGroup Ten Metals1.0% NSR
Carswell Lake Canada Orano Canada Inc./Capstone Mining 5.0% NSR
Churchill Canada Shear Diamonds/Stornoway Diamond 1.0% NSR           
Churchill West Canada Shear Diamonds/Stornoway Diamond 1.0% GV
Duverny Canada Threegold Resources            15.0% NPI 7
Franquet Canada

Nuinsco Resources/Ocean Partner

2.0% NSR 8
3.0% NSR 8
Gauthier Canada Agnico Eagle            3.0% NSR
Godfrey II Canada Moneta Porcupine Mines 2.0% NSR
Gold Dome Canada Golden Predator            2.0% NSR
Golden Bear Canada Newmont            2.0% NSR
Hickey’s Pond Canada Krinor Resources 1.0% NSR
Hood River Canada Shear Diamonds 1.0% GV
Jewel Canada Stornoway Diamond 1.0% GV
Joe Mann Canada Jessie Resources            0.0% to 2.0% NSR 9
2.0% NSR 9
Jubilee Canada Stornoway Diamond 1.0% GV
Kizmet Canada Centerra Gold            1.0% NSR 10
McKenzie Red Lake Canada Newmont             1.0% NSR
Mike Lake Canada Troilus Gold        2.0% NSR
Monument Canada Equity Metals/Archon Minerals 1.0% GV
Moore LakeCanadaSkyharbour Resources2.5% NSR 11
Nighthawk Lake Canada Imperial Metals/
Rainy Mountain Royalty/
White Metal Resources           
2.5% NSR 12
NorthgateCanadaArgo Gold1.0% NSR
Pickle Lake #2CanadaPC Gold Inc.1.0% NSR
Qimmiq Canada ValOre Metals            1.0% to 3.0% NSR 13
2.0% NSR 13
1.0% GV 13
Rambler South Canada Krinor Resources 1.0% NSR
Red LakeCanadaRubicon Minerals1.0% NSR
Shasta Canada Talisker Resources            0.5% NSR
TAK Canada Doug McDonald           5.0% NSR 14
Voisey's Bay Diamonds Canada Vale 3.0% GV
WilanourCanadaNewmont5.0% NPI
Yellowknife Lithium Canada Erex International 2.0% NPI
San Jeronimo Mexico Newmont            2.0% NSR
Trozza Tunisia China Minmetals 2.5% NSR
Ambrosia Lake United States Rio Algom Mining           2.0% NVR
Apex United States Teck/Pennaroya Utah
3.0% NSR 15
BSC United States McEwen Mining 2.5% NSR
Buckhorn South United States Nevada Gold Mines LLC            15.0% NPI 16
14.0% NPI 16
Cooks Creek/
Ferris Creek
United States Barrick 1.5% NVR
Doby George United States Western Exploration 2.0% NSR 17
Horse Mountain United States Barrick 0.25% NVR
Hot Pot United States Pediment Gold, LLC            1.25% NSR
ICBM United States Timberline Resources 0.75% NSR
Keystone United States Energy Fuels 2.0% NSR
McDonald-Keep CoolUnited StatesNewmont3.0% NSR
Mule Canyon United States Newmont          5.0% NSR
Nevada Properties United StatesRubicon Minerals2.5% NSR
Oro Blanco United States Pan American Silver 3.0% NSR
Pinson - OtherUnited StatesBarrick0.489% to 5.979% NSR 18
Rye United States Barrick 0.5% NSR
San Rafael United States Rio Grande Resources 2.0% NVR
Simon Creek United States Barrick 1.0% NSR
Trenton Canyon United States SSR Mining           2.4% GSR 19
8.0% NPI 19
TroyUnited StatesHecla Mining 3.0% GSR
Uncle Sam United States PolarX Limited          2.0% NSR
Windfall United States Timberline Resources 3.2% NSR
Wood Gulch United States Barrick            5.0% NSR
Woodruff Creek United States McEwen Mining 1.0% NSR

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Exploration Stage Property Footnotes

  1. Royalty paid on dollars per tonne of ore above 50,000 tonnes up to 500,000 tonnes.
  2. Royalty payable on gold only.
  3. Royalty rate is 2.0% for gold and 1.5% for all other metals.
  4.  Royalty is 2.5% at grades above 1.5 g/t or 4.0% for grades at 1.5 g/t or less.
  5.  Royalty applies to production above 40,000 ounces and is capped at $1 million.
  6. Royalty payable on all minerals, except nickel or any by-products in whatever form or state.
  7. Royalty rate is equal to 15% of the proceeds of production until $1,760,000 has been paid. A 2.0% NSR royalty applies to production thereafter.
  8. The 2.0% NSR royalty applies to production from an area of the property referred to as the “GeoNova Properties,” and the 3.0% NSR royalty applies to production from an area of the property referred to as the “Homestake Properties.”
  9. Sliding-scale royalty applies to gold only. NSR sliding-scale schedule (price per gold ounce - royalty rate):  Below $325 - 0.0%; $325 - 1.5%; $375 - 2.0%. Once $500,000 has been received in gold royalty payments, the rate will reduce to 1.0% and will only be in effect at a gold price of $350 per ounce or higher. The 2.0% NSR royalty applies to silver and copper.
  10. Operator has the option to purchase the entire 1.0% NSR for $1 million prior to the development of a mine on the property.
  11. Operator has the option to purchase 1.25% of the 2.5% NSR for $1 million at any time prior to a production decision or within 30 days thereafter.
  12. Operator may purchase 1.5% of the 2.5% NSR at any time for CDN$1.5 million.
  13. The 1.0 to 3.0% NSR sliding-scale royalty only applies to gold production. The 2.0% NSR royalty applies to commercial production of all minerals excluding diamonds and industrial minerals. The 1.0% GV royalty applies to commercial production of all diamonds and industrial minerals.
  14. Operator has the right to purchase 2.5% of the 5.0% NSR at any time for $1 million.
  15. Royalty is capped at $1 million.
  16. The 15.0% NPI and the 14.0% NPI apply to different claims on the property.       
  17. The 2.0% NSR becomes payable once 400,000 ounces have been produced.    
  18. Royalty rate varies depending on pre-existing royalties (max of 6.0%).
  19. The 2.4% GSR applies to production from the properties from which greater than 60% of the revenues are projected to be derived from gold and silver. The 8.0% NPI applies to production from the properties from which less than 60% of the revenues are projected to be derived from gold and silver.